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How to refresh news reader

  1. Hello

    Probably last week I updated my blog to show full posts rather than a summary. I also unticked the options to view tags and categories etc. I read up a little and apparently after I had written another post it would update. I've written a few since and it hasn't. I also ran ccleaner to get rid of history/cookies etc to see if that would work... nothing.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot compel any theme to behave in a way it's not designed to behave in. Introduction to the Structure theme

  3. I've had it display the full posts before though, I changed it to see what summary looked like then when I tried to change it back it wouldn't

  4. In the Reader we only get a few lines of any post - thank GOB staff changed that a short while ago because I don't want or need full post displays in the Reader and if I read posts there then the blog doesn't get a page view stat because I'm not clicking into the blog to create one. If Staff they had not made that change I would have unfollowed every blog I'm following form both my username accounts. Is that what you are referring to ie. full post display in the Reader as opposed to full post display on the blog?

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