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How to refund normal CSS style?

  1. I've changed something in my blog's design (what? i did'not try to change CSS)

    and now I dont now how to refund the Custom CSS

    My blog is,

    theme Almost Spring

    Please, advise me that to do

    Thank you!


  2. If you have not changed anything in the css, you probably pasted from Word or similar editor?

  3. Pasted what? and where?... ((

  4. Thank you, I'll read this FAQ

  5. Sorry, it is not working.

    The problem is in CSS fields, but I dont now how to edit CSS. Tomorrow I purchased Custom CSS and now trying to put CSS code of Almost Autumn theme into window and to save it, but the result is not changing...

    Could someone explain me that to do? How to install normal, ordinary Almost Autumn theme?... ((((((((

  6. Almost Spring, of course :))))'s could and raining in Moscow ((

  7. You cannot install external css-scripts here at
    You can only use the templates and edit the css in those.
    You need to learn basic css to do so.

  8. Boblets, could I copy the correct css from somewhere in and past it to editing window?...

  9. No, you cannot do that. That is not how Custom CSS works. It is customized meaning you have to write it specially for yourself.

    The only exception is if you are using the Sandbox theme and have CSS that was designed for Sandbox on There are a couple of threads about that in the forum. Those CSS designs will not work on other themes, only on Sandbox.

  10. If you did not already buy the Custom CSS upgrade, don't do it.

    If there's something wrong with your blog, you should never have to buy a CSS upgrade to fix it. Just contact staff if none of the suggestions so far have fixed it. Use the Support button on your dashboard.

  11. I wrote to support about problems of design and they answered me:

    Support.: The Custom CSS is the only way to remove it. The small face is what is necessary for Stats to work and show up correctly. It is found in all templates.

    Me: But how can I insert the Custom CSS?

    S.: You can go to Upgrades in your dashboard and purchase it from there.

  12. I suggest you go back to the original theme you had in your blog, then try to be spesific about what changes you want made.
    There must be a misunderstanding here somewhere - if you are trying to get rid of the small :) that is a bad idea - it is what gives you stats.

  13. ohhhhhhhh.... This is only I want - go back to the original theme I had in my blog :))) but dont now how

    and I dont need spesific style anymore

    and now I even agree to the small :)

  14. Do not get rid of the :) whatever you do!

    As for the problem in your blog, you will have to contact staff again. I think there is a miscommunication. Just ask them to look at your blog and say there is a CSS error.

    You MIGHT try changing themes, saving, then changing back. God knows why, but sometimes that helps.

  15. To change themes go to the Design page and pick any theme. Then Activate it and then look. See if the problem persists. I suspect it won't.

    Then you can try Almost Spring again. Report back if that fixes things.

  16. Thank you :)

    I will try to contant staff again...

  17. I tryed to use many themes in the Design page. This is common problem for all of them - right column is on the bottom of blog's page...

  18. Did you read the thread Vivian suggested?

    If the problem is your sidebar is at the bottom, it is NOT a CSS problem; it is a problem that is covered in that thread and also in these:

    The sidebar falling to the bottom is a very, very common problem and it has nothing to do with CSS in 99% of the cases. Usually it's because someone pasted text in from Microsoft Word or elsewhere on the Web instead of typing it in directly, because someone is using a Read More tag and it's splitting two other tags, or because someone is using a table or image too wide for the blog.

  19. Yes, I red this. But:

    1) I used Notepad then I prepared this texts

    2) I tryed to make my posts invisible - this did not help..

  20. I used MS Publisher! may be, it adds taggs to text?!

  21. Maybe. Follow the instructions in those threads to clean up your code.

  22. So, I did it :))) thank you The-People-of-Wordpress for your pacience and support )))

    But I don't now - that exactly I did?.... ))

    First I deleted all my posts (of course, saving them on the hard disc). No result

    Next I googled "CSS Almost Spring", downloaded the theme from Internet, opened the CSS file, copyed this strange simbols (is this CSS?) and simply (not simply! stupid) pasted them into CSS page. Then saved it.

    Design is the same as an old one!!!!!

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