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How to register my blog into search engines

  1. Sorry may be this question is asked earlier but I am not able to resolve this, actually every where it is said that there would be an update service box will be there and there we have to place sites to ping but wordpress is not having this. Please can anyone suggest me how to add my blog into search engine.I am dying to see my blog in google, yahoo search engines

  2. WordPress automatically pings the search engines every time you post something new at your blog.

  3. writing & posting consistently is very usefull

  4. jeremyironsno1fan

    Do you have to check the Allow Pings and Trackbacks box on every post? My blog NEVER shows up in Google searches and I don't understand the directions for creating a site index. How do you "Paste the contents of the clipboard into the editor"? What editor where?

  5. "Allow Pings and Trackbacks" has nothing to do with the automatic pings sent to search engines. Your sitemap is automatically created. You can find it here:

    http://YOUR BLOG

  6. jeremyironsno1fan
    Member blog is domain mapped to

    If I search "Jeremy Irons" in Google, my site does not show up. I can't figure out why.
    My site has been up for over four months. I have submitted my URL to Yahoo and Google.

    What am I doing wrong? I just want people who Google search for info on Jeremy Irons to be led to my website.

  7. dhootankur - Hello. I have the same problem. I can't find my site on Google or Yahoo searches. I am trying to find the solution through reading the Wordperss forum and one suggestion was to go to Google webmaster tools. It says to add a meta tag or html code to your home page, but I am even more confused because I don't see where I should do that on my website.
    This link describes how to add those, but I am not savvy enough to figure it out.

    Hopefully, you will have better luck than I am having. I had to breakdown and put a call in to one of my college kids to help me out. Waiting to hear back from them now.

  8. When I google "Jeremy Irons" (with the quote marks) I get 1,590,000 hits. Have you looked through all 1,590,000? Where you show on a google search (how close to the top) depends on page rank, and according to you have a page rank of 0 out of 10 (10 being best) which means you are most likely going to be in the bottom eighth of that 1,590,000 hits.

    I only looked briefly at your site, but the other thing is that you need to have original content. In many of these types people simply copy and paste stuff they find on the web, and when search engines see that it is duplicate content from another site, they discount the page rank. In other words, they end up paying less attention to you.

  9. @edbb07, did you see this FAQ I got by searching for "google?"

  10. Okay. So if I had my content on another website and moved to this one, I need to remove the content from the site I don't want any more. Got it.

    Also, I was able to verify my site using the info thesacredpath found.


  11. edbb07 - Thanks for your suggestion as you said you are not able to do that but mine is done, just go to pages and create on and publish it with the id given by webmaster tool that of google, and the ask webmaster to verify your site that's it.

    THANKS Sankz and thesacredpath :)

  12. edbb07 - Thanks for your suggestion as you said you are not able to do that but mine is done, just go to pages and create one page with id given by webmaster tool that of google as title or subject of page, then publish that page and the ask webmaster to verify your site that's it. Actually google webmaster wants to see http://your-blogname/<its id> to verify it.

    THANKS Sankz and thesacredpath :)

  13. You're welcome dhootankur.

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