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How to remain in touch with blogger anonymous community ?

  1. In blogger, below the comments below the reply window this appears:-


    However in some cases “others” is missing , presumably for anonymous comments. On clicking on others, one can enter the wordpress web address and that person can access and reciprocate on the wordpress blog. Does that imply that for those people who have not allowed anonymous comments, one cannot place comments on blogger giving the wordpress address?. There are a lot of such people.

    I want to reconfirm whether there is any law to prevent a person from making the same posts in both blogger and wordpress to have the best of both worlds(somehat like running with the hare and hunting with the hounds)?

    A blogging platform should be like a mobile- it would be ridiculous if one mobile were to block the calls of another mobile. The whole system would collapse. So for anonymous cases, if I use the blogger identity and for others your identity for the same posts,would that be all right legally?

    I am new to blogging so apologies if there is something I have misunderstood. Please clarify. Thanks

  2. talkingbaseball

    Law? There's certainly no law. It's just the way different programmers code their platforms.

    In blogger, if you want to leave a comment on the blogger-supported system, you have to sign in with a Blogger user name and password. Unlike every other commenting system on the Internet, there is no place to put in your URL. It's a bit ridiculous.

  3. I was asking from the user's perspective. Not programming law. Can a user make the same posts on two blogging platforms or is it disallowed in law.

    As for the comments, wherever the word "other" appears below the reply box in blogger, if you click on that, Name and webpage appears and there one can put one's name. I have tried it out. Only for anonymous you have to exclusively use blogger.

  4. talkingbaseball

    You can put the same comment into as many different comment fields as you would like. You'll have to retype or at least copy and paste.

  5. There seems to be some misuderstanding. I am not talking of comments.

    I am asking that if I put my original post-one in blogger and the same post with identical content in wordpress. Is this legally wrong? I am not aware of Cyber laws so please bear with me.Thanks for replying.

  6. This was a funny thread. =)

    Yes, if you are the original author of the text, you can post it wherever you want to and as many times as you want to. You can not copy text that someone else has written and post it as your own, because that will probably violate the copyright law. But as long as it is your own, you can post it on both Blogger and WordPress. But honestly, that doesn't make much sense to me.

    As for "Other" comments, some people don't want anonymous comments for various reasons. It may be that they want to avoid unwanted comments such as advertisements , insults or offensive comments or comments from people who won't tell who they are. While some people want to know who made the comment, others don't care. Both WordPress and Blogger should give you the option to choose if you want to accept anonymous comments or not.

    Personally I accept anonymous comments since only my friends know my website address. But if would be famous I would probably not do that since many people post stupid things when they can hide behind a anonymous name.

    I hope this helps.

  7. When the visitor has a account and is logged in, they are not asked for their name, email and website because the server already knows it.

    When the visitor is not logged in, they are asked for their name, email and website. does not allow anonymous comments. A name and email address are required.

  8. Thanks a lot mpp35 and Andy.

    Andy,wordpress is really great. In fact it is fantastic:-

    My dear Andy
    Wordpress is really trendy
    For the past few days, I feell that I have continously had candy
    Considering the limitations in other platforms, this is like a sick man's brandy
    Needless to mention, it deserves to be appreciated grandly.
    Hope you don't mind my sense of humor. Say so and there will not be encore.

    If it really does not ask for webadresses, thats a lot of reduction on the administration for both the visitor and wordpress.Its good because the focus is then on the creative work.

    This anonymous thing is highly appropriate. It is only in the fitness of things that somebody like wordpress presses people for their words. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

    Since you are a key master, can you confirm that there is nothing legally wrong in putting two original posts at blogger and wordpress. I want to remain in touch with my anonymous pals at blogger if it is legally feasible. Another feedback is that small files in excel or word should be allowed to be uploaded if you have the larger world audience in mind. People the world over are not net-savy as the united states.Is it not possible at all two create two blogs under one email? This makes administration diffcult.

    Look forward to interaction with you. Best of luck with wordpress. Hope it really does well. God bless you.

  9. mypyp - you can post your content at blogger and wordpress. Don't worry about it.

  10. Listen up. Any time you want to rhyme, the light here is lime so get yourself primed and spit something sublime. Two cents or a dime, big church bells or chimes, lyrics here ain't a crime so just stand up and rhyme. Dig? :-)

  11. mypyp - you can post your content at blogger and wordpress. Don't worry about it.

    You can get really sneaky and link back and forth if you want to. :)

    "There was an old man from..."

  12. Thanks for the reply and reassaurance, drmike. I have the highest respect for wordpress as a product except for this double blog thing. Even when they send their links with the new passwords, the username account in the link is different but the account that appears on the screen is diffeerent.

    Except this double blog issue, everything is fine.Thanks for the reply.

    Another feedback is that if thread initiated by could also appear on the index of the discussion forum, it would be easy to trace multiple queries by just looking at the thread..Just a suggestion.Thanks and Regards again.

    Thanks Doncha for reassuring.

    Andy seems to be good at rhyming too. Good.
    Birds of the same feather flock together". Look forward to continued interaction with you. Thanks for everything.

  13. I can't believe my eyes, the thread got even more fun! Oh my, it was a long time since I saw forum poetry. I sure didn't expect it here... Good work, guys! It brings back memories of the days as a live radio poetry star (and rap battle wannabe). :)

    I hope you got your answers too, even though I still have no idea what this double blog dilemma really would be.

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