how to remove a widget?

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    Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I can’t for the life of me remove widgets from my sidebar. For I didn’t know what they are “about”, I dragged them all onto my sidebar, just to have a look at them, now I am stuck with them. Can somebody give me a clue?


    Under dashboard > presentation > widgets, drag the ones you do not want from the “sidebar” panel back down to the “available widgets area and when done, click “save changes.”



    That does not seem to work?


    There are/were reports from other bloggers that they too cannot move, or remove widgets from their sidebar but the problem seemed to have been resolve. Staff does monitor the forum and I’m sure they will look into it for you as soon as then can.



    The above link has the info to remove a widget. It works wen you drag a widget to the bottom left corner of the ‘Available Widgets’ box.

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