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How to remove all customization from imported Blogger

  1. Hi,

    I just recently imported my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Everything was successfully imported including all the old font customization from Blogger. However all the fonts are showing differently. Is there a one-click-way (without individually changing the css) to reset all customization to the default setting of my new WordPress theme?

    My blog is

    Help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately, CSS customization cannot override paragraph by paragraph hand-coding. If that's what you have, you're going to have to edit it as painstakingly as you put it in.

  3. Oh wow. As a dummie, I only changed the font family and size with the easy customize of Blogger. Looks like it will be much more work to change them here. Thank you anyway :)

  4. We had one guy who hand coded every paragraph of his entire blog to be white text. Then he changed to a theme with a white background. What a nightmare.

  5. Oh goodness. That's crazy, but I guess these things are very prone for obsession to be perfect!

    Anyways I changed everything manually in my blog. I didn't use coding for each paragraph. I just typed pretend text in the beginning of the post, and dragged every other paragraphs to it and apparently it changed to default (the dummy way to solve the problem!)

    : )

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