How to remove author from blog posts? Port Theme

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    I would like to remove the author on my blog posts.
    Screen shot:

    Thank you in advice for your help! :)

    P.s. (Not sure if I should post this question on my Theme Forum.)



    Please provide the URL for the blog in question in the form of an active link starting with http://



    Hi there and thanks for the link.

    Due to the way that line of meta data is structured in the theme, it is quite complex to get rid of just the author name since all the stuff in that line is within a single div in the HTML. The following is sort of a “hackish” way of doing that. Go to Appearance > Customize > CSS, delete all the informational text in that window, and paste in the following custom CSS and see what you think.

    .meta {
        visibility: hidden;
    .meta a[rel="bookmark"], .meta a[title^="View"] {
        visibility: visible;
        display: inline-block;
        float: left;
    .meta a[rel="bookmark"]:after {
        content: " in ";
    .meta a[title^="View"]:after {
        content: ",";
    .meta a[rel="bookmark"] {
        padding-right: 5px;
    .meta a[title^="View"] {
        padding-left: 5px;


    Thank you very much for your great help! :D You are amazing!


    You are welcome.

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