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How to remove black background from pages

  1. paesaggiocritico

    Hello. Is it possible to remove the bottom black background from all the pages but keeping it in the homepage. The problem is that in the home page the bottom black is aestetically good, but in pages and inside articles pages it let things confusing.
    Hope to hear someone soon. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Add this to your CSS:

    .page #footer, .single #footer {display: none;}
  3. paesaggiocritico

    Done. But in pages the black bottom background has only turned gray.....any clue please?

  4. You did not save the changes I suggested... so I don't know what issue you're experiencing. The code I gave you should remove the black area where all the thumbnails are. Now, if you're talking about the gray bar that holds the text:

    Blog su Theme: Chateau by Ignacio Ricci. Fonts on this blog.

    Then, its removal is not permitted on Removing those Credits would lead to having your blog suspended.

  5. paesaggiocritico

    Devblog, thank you first. I did save the code you suggested me and then i got back and cancelled it cause it turned gray.....and it was more diffucult di read....i am going to save it again in order to let you see that it turn gray.....thank you again, i am going to wait your reply....

  6. paesaggiocritico

    Done, check it with your eye......

  7. It looks good to me. I view your pages in IE8, Firefox and Chrome. I'll make a screenshot of what I see so that you can see it too. Gimme a couple of minutes and I'll post them for you to look at.

    What browser are you using? Why don't you try forcing a reload: Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R if you use Windows or Command+R if you use a Mac.

  8. paesaggiocritico

    Actually to check that it's gray there are some pages that shows it well cause of the lenght of content.... or

  9. paesaggiocritico

    Ok you are right......i use Opera, that's the other like chrome it looks perfect....thank you very much and sorry for misunderstanding!

  10. This is a screenshot of the home page

    This is a screenshot of your Interviste page

    This is a screenshot of your Veneto Di Elisa page

    They look good to me in the browsers I listed above...

  11. oh no problem... didn't read your post before submitting mine.

    I could make it work in Opera, but I'd do it when I get home. If you don't mind waiting, then I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, you're all set.

    Also, If you don't need the screenshots, I'll delete them right away.

  12. paesaggiocritico

    Yes, it looks bad only in Opera (that unfortunately i use, think i will go for chrome in which your code looks perfect),........thank you very much for helping me.

  13. paesaggiocritico

    Yes thank you, you can delete screenshots. If you have time to do it, i'll wait with pleasure for the code to make it work in Opera. Thank you again

  14. That dark gray background at the bottom of Chateau is odd in Opera. It's coming from the #copyright rule. Looking for more info...

  15. Something like this removed the gray background color from my test blog in Opera, but I had trouble testing it using Opera's built in CSS inspector tool.

    Can you try this to see if it takes away the extra gray background color you don't want in Opera?

    #copyright, #colophon, #footer {
    	background: none;
    	border: none;

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