How to remove border from the header on The Bueno Theme?

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    Hello :)
    When I upload a header to my blog, the header automatically gets a rose border around it. I’d like to remove this border, but don’t know how. Help any one?
    Best, Denice

    The blog I need help with is


    Denice, It looks like you got this figured out and removed the border. Let us know if you have any further questions.

    I like the striped background you are using by the way. It makes me want to have a yummy dessert. :)



    Thank you so much! Yes, I figured out how to remove the border. But now I am trying to change the font of the headings on my blog posts. I’m trying to change it to one call Lobster, which is not in the typekit. So I need to do it with CSS… I have found several codes with the lobster font, and tried to embed it, no luck. Can you help with that?



    I figured that one out my self as well. However my mobile version looks really bad now I have been playing around with CSS?! O_o


    Denice, I see @andrewcpht helped you out with the font question in your other thread:

    I’ve taken a look at your blog and it looks good on my iPhone. Are you still seeing issues? If so, please let me know where the problems are.

    You can learn more about the Mobile theme and the settings here: .



    Thanks for your reply :) I’ve solved the mobile-problem. It had something to do with the way I had done the coding of the font. I needed to do it with Typekit and not googlefonts it turned out. Thanks againg!


    You are welcome.

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