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  1. i cant seem to get rid of categories, which are making my blog a little uglier, any help please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only category I see on the blog linked to your username is "uncategorized". Where exactly do you want to remove it from?

  3. exactly! i just dont want it there, i used to have other categories but it made my blog a little more complicated for me, i just want to remove the word "uncategorized" and have nothing but blank instead

  4. Categories are a way of arranging your content for your readers, and unless you have the Custom Design Upgrade and know how to work with CSS, your posts will display those categories.

    Additionally you've chosen a theme (Enterprise) that has an extra navigation bar based on those categories and it cannot be turned off. Perhaps you might consider looking for a different theme.

  5. You can only reduce the number of categories to ONE. You cannot get it to zero no matter what; you end up with "Uncategorized".

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