how to remove categories from displaying in left side bar

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    I’ve added a secondary menu (black box/white lettering) with my relevant categories but I can’t get the text version of the same list not to also show up in the left side bar. I can manipulate where they show up by moving the placement of the menu widget (currently they are residing below the search box).
    Any idea how I can fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi mpcoop!

    You can remove the Custom Menu widget in Appearance -> Widgets (since you already included that same category listing in the Text widget).

    I hope this helps! :)


    the category listing (in the black box) isn’t in the text widget, it’s in the custom menu widget. the text version of the list of categories doesn’t seem to be directly associated with a widget though it’s behavior is influenced by the custom menu widget.



    Sorry, you’re wrong: the bulleted list below your map is the Custom Menu widget; the black box is the menu you have activated in Appearance > Menus > Secondary Menu pulldown. Just delete the Custom Menu widget.


    yeah!! that fixed it. thanks justpi & bryanvillian for the help.
    that’s why it’s so fun.



    You’re welcome!

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