How to remove date, time, and author from posts?

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    I can’t seem to figure it out!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, I see you have some CSS in your custom CSS that is commented out, and looking at your theme, the CSS selectors you have used appear to be for a different theme. I used the web inspector built into my browser to find the relevant CSS. If you are not familiar with the web inspector in your browser, take a look at our support page on How to Find Your Theme’s CSS where you will find some brief screencasts to get you started with it. I find it an invaluable tool when working with CSS.

    Also, CSS is theme specific generally, although sometimes there can be some things the same, so that is another reason to get to know your web inspector.

    Instead of removing the individual items (date and author), let’s remove the entire parent div they are in (entry-meta) with the following. That way there will not be left-over white space between the title and content in the posts.

    .entry-meta {
      display: none;

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