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  1. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't as all post title include a date stamp and we cannot change permalink structure on free hosted blogs. See > Posts ยป Post Title and URL

  3. So get a non-free wordpress site & I can?

  4. If you' ve got the tech skills, yes.

    Probably easier for you to stay here and just change themes.

  5. I've also visited your blog and believe you will benefit from using the step by step learn tutorial. I believe you will also benefit from learning the differences between posts and pages.

  6. @collegesample
    Would you care to tell us why this is an issue for you?

  7. Yes, if you use self-hosted WordPress you can change the permalink structure to remove the date using the instructions in WordPress How To Clean Up Title Permalink URLs.

    However, be aware that WordPress does NOT recommend doing so, claiming that it may cause performance issues in blogs with large databases. Others dispute this claim. See the details and links to additional information in that post.

    To answer timethief's question, the reason logical thinkers would not want the dates in their posts is that makes the URLs more difficult to remember, find again and share. Some of us do not use blogs like diaries - we use them as reference resources and a fast way to share complex information. Who remembers what date is on each post?

    Having the dates in the URLs is also not as beneficial for SEO reasons, but the primary reason we remove them is to make the URLs easy to remember and locate again.

  8. Are you talking about removing the date on the post as it shows in the blog, or are you talking about removing the date from the permalink (URL) of the post?

  9. @thesacredpath
    Thumbs up! Much more clearly stated than my attempt above when I asked: "Would you care to tell us why this is an issue for you? "

  10. @TT, not a problem, and I just saw that @walksintruth was taking the thread in a hard turn toward permalinks and we weren't clear on what the OP was wanting.

  11. @collegesample, if hiding the dates from posts is what you want to do (e.g. people do not see a date when they view your posts), you can achieve this with CSS, available with the Custom Design upgrade.

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