How to remove Facebook and Twitter login on comments that you put recently?

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    I don’t like Facebook and Twitter, and don’t want them on my blog.

    How to remove those Facebook and Twitter login on comments that you put recently?


    I don’t see that there is a way to turn it off. It is for the convenience of your visitors and allows them to choose which identity they want associated with their comments.



    Why login with Fb and Tw isn’t optional, why we’re forced to have that?



    I believe the reason why FB and Tw are not optional is because WordPress Staff thought everyone would love them. And I thought so too until I read this thread;
    Now I understand perfectly why some people don’t like FB and Tw.



    And according to that announcement, more facebook and twitter integration is expected as well.


    So glad I’m self-hosted at times like these.



    hm, interesting nandobase, people here have already complained about this. also, at our country people don’t satisfied with this (common commentators).

    you see the sacredpath, i don’t like fb, tw, also don’t like corporations and their role in world today and write on my blog from time to time about that, esspecialy don’t like concetrating of corporations (and – this is it), and overall i don’t like concetrating of corporations in which the consumers are FORCED to accept that.
    it looks like orwell :) and ” ’84 “, believe me.

    because that, i’ll wait some time if wp change something in the agreement with these 2 companies (to be optional ofcourse), if not – i’ll ask here for some advice how to move simply on some other blog platform, of open my site and transfer my posts there.

    this is it for now, tnx for the opinions folks



    (*of open my…)

    it should stay “or open my…”


    I don’t say you are wrong, and I have little use for facebook and twitter, but unless there is some sort of mass uprising here (not 10 or 12 people) nothing is going to happen, and even if there were such an uprising, would still have the final say. WordPress.COM is not a democracy. Never has been. They may listen to their users, they may consider their arguments and points, but in the end, they make the decision what comes and what goes here.

    By the way, WordPress.COM is a for profit commercial venture. Sort of like a… “corporation?”



    yeah, sort of… corporation, but not in peyorative sense as i said about i.g. fb, tw; and mcdonalds, ibm, nokia, ikea… and many others that are on the edge of the low with their work, stimulated from the goverment, etc.

    btw, concentrating of the corporations is against the low, i.g. from microsoft is taken billions of euro cause of this, in fact a monopolly that they’re made with that, in europe.

    and i agree with you, has a last word of course, but don’t agree that is not democracy. simply, modern way of marketing is forcing companies on that, because they have the highest middle-term and long-term profit when they started in their strategies from desires of consumers. marketing where companies were making desires for costumers was actual in the middle of the 20th century.

    you said till now maybe dozen of consumers isn’t satisfied with this on this forum. yeah, that is correct in apsolute numbers, but in relative numbers i think, for just a few days, that the relative number of non-satisfied consumers with this FORCED SOLUTION is pretty big, maybe 10, 20 percents. i’m sure that feedback for new things is carefully looked, and…

    donno, will see for couple of weeks.



    There are 20,670,531 blogs here.

    There have so far been 6 complaints about this here in the forums (my 10-12 was a guess).

    I don’t know if any, or how many, have complained to staff directly, but I doubt it is enough to tip the scales in your favor.

    If wordpress asked me, I would be in favor of being able to opt out, but I’m always in favor or choice. Again though, not a democracy.



    hm, calculating is liiiitle more complicated :), for example i can conclude that – from people who were discussing of this (15), 12 were against this, and only 3 for this.

    or, let the wp put the FORCED voting about this on every blog, and you”ll see the results.

    but, if wanted to see real number of unsatisfied consumers, they would set fb and tw login as an OPTIONAL thing (as so many way before with a new stuff).

    they simply didn’t want, cause, i guess, that’s written in contract with fb and tw, i.g. forced inovation gets more money, and optional less.

    that’s a corporative logic of fb – short-term looking on things and profit of course. and it will pass only if you have a goverment to save your back to make a monopolly; with concetrating of corporation you make exactlly this.
    and i said before, microsoft lost billions of euros because this stuff (half of the revenue i think) in europe. simply, on free market this working philosophy can’t pass (democracy is working :)).

    and, how i’m said before, if wp decide to continue this way, i’ll asking stuff how to transport post on my own site or other blog platform.

    tnx anyway.



    I don’t like fb & twitter, myself, but I wouldn’t mind nearly as much having the options for the commenters choosing to comment via their fb & tw I.D.s if the buttons were smaller. I dislike that that area now takes up so much space and the fb & tw buttons are so huge that they’re more like adverts than simply options for how to identify yourself when you leave a comment.

    It can also be glaring and disjointed-feeling on a serious post to see those huge logos at the bottom. Other sites I’ve been on have similar features — or sharing options — that makes the icons much smaller. I don’t even like seeing my own gravatar as big as it is above the commenting area. It’s just aesthetically unappealing.

    It would be nice if, even if we are required to have those options as ways for commenters to identify themselves, we could choose to hide the options behind a more generic button, as we are able to do with the “share” options. I have all sharing options hidden behind a “share this” button except for email and printing. I’d think that a similar scheme could be created for the commenting buttons.



    so, you said probably nothing will change, and that’d be it.and.. I export my posts to the other blog platform without forced fb and tw login, and also categories link within my blog, not somewhere else. so, i’m satisfied with that.

    i don’t want to delete it immediately, i wish to keep this wp blog for a while, cause i’m intrested how to make redirect from my ex wp blog to my new blog, for my visitors and commentators to know? is there that possibility, maybe someone knows to explain?


    You would have to buy the site redirect upgrade.

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