how to remove image borders in css

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    I would like to get rid of the borders around the images through css but I’m a kind of a newbie myself in these matters. Is there anyone that can help?

    The blog I need help with is



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    To remove the borders from all of the images in the Forever theme, add this CSS:

    #masthead img, #featured-content img, #recent-content img, .entry-content img, .entry-thumb img, .comment-content img, .widget img {
          border: none;

    Note that your site is not hosted here at See to learn about the differences. If you need further help, please ask in the volunteer forums at


    it worked! thank you so much.



    This is exactly what I am trying to do!
    I tried entering the above CSS into my masthead section but it’s not working. I entered the link for my image. Am I missing something!?
    Still formatting the site so lots to do yet!

    Help! Thanks!



    pat on my back and yours!



    ugh – not resolved – appeared briefly but not sure how it went backwards…..please back to help – I am usually ok with CSS but I seem to be having a challenge with this when it seems so simple??


    I looked at and I don’t see any images. Could you post a link to an example page showing an image you’d like to remove borders from?



    It was the header image (logo area) I was trying to remove the borders and I managed to do it but have somehow lost the site’s mobile capabilities so now I have to turn off the mobile option for the site to view nicely on an iphone! I give up! lol



    Don’t give up. :)

    The Forever theme is not a responsive theme, and turning it into one would take some work. You can do that if you work at it, but you might also consider starting with a theme that is responsive already. Here is a list:

    Alternately, consider using the mobile theme. See this help page for details:

    I think is looking great so far. Keep going!



    Thank you!! I am still working on this! Trying Adelle theme – I am so used to Dreamweaver and visual editing! lol I guess its a work in progress!!

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