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How to remove Jetpack-linked self-hosted WordPress blogs by the user?

  1. I would like to remove this self-hosted website from my account, or to disconnect it from jet-pack account to be more accurate, as it's not active anymore and already removed from servers. But there is no option or link in account to remove it after access to site is gone.
    Is there anyway to do so?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. artandloathing

    I, too, would like to remove all jetpack blogs from my account.

  3. Hello,
    I also need two blogs discounted. Meg Burcke and I am no longer with the host I was using, and wish to completely delete child sites.


  4. Me too, any help???

  5. The search utility works very well folks.

    At this time you can't delete self hosted sites from your account but Staff can. In the future you will be able to delete them yourself. Provided you post the URLs of self hosted blogs you want deleted from your account into a forum thread like this one, Staff can do this for you. Please do that now as I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  6. @darkodelta
    Your provided a URL and you are good to go when Staff get to this thread.

    Please post the URLs you want Staff to remove.

  7. Hi, the blog I'd like to remove are:

    Thanx a lot for your help ;-)

  8. @criz666
    Hey there,
    Good day to your and you're welcome. :)

  9. Alright, I was able to solve this on 2 ways. Going to explain both of them here so anyone that finds this thread can do it.
    As well please read full post then start doing anything there are many things that you need to decide what are you going to do as well what are your configurations. Read on.

    1. First way
      By contacting JetPack Support , filling simple contact form and asking them to do so. They will in my experience respond in about 2-3 days.
      You can as well submit post on one off these threads on WordPress forum. WordPress staff responds in few days to week or two.
      This is easier and maybe only possible way for most of the people.
      Now second way is bit more complicated and has some requirements.
    2. Second way
      Essentially you will be installing new instance of WordPress under your domain that you want to remove and installing JetPack plugin. After that simply connect and disconnect your website and remove your new WordPress installation if needed.
      This method is for people who cannot wait few days or weeks and want to do in instantly.
      And before doing this please backup your whole website under domain that you want to remove, including all files and database! This is important if you lose or destroy something I am not responsible. I assume that you know basics of web administration and using webserver control panel (eg. cpanel) as well installing WordPress. If you don't know how to install it check their official 5-min guide.

      This might be hard to do for some people especially those who already have new instances of websites running under domains that they want to be removed. In that case I recommend you ether use something like mailing list or social media (facebook, google+, twitter, etc. ) to notify your readers/viewers that you will be taking website for maintenance for about 15-20 min.

      You will need to have access to yours domain DNS configuration as well as your web server.
      First thing that you want is to change your domain DNS to new server DNS or if you are using same server (eg. Shared hosting, private server) you don't have to change anything about your domain DNS.
      Create new folder and change Sites root to new folder. Care to not delete your old web site folder.
      Now you need to install your WordPress installation under that new folder and domain that you want to remove. After installation install JetPack plugin and Connect to JetPack and click again to disconnect in JetPack plugin.

    I understand that this is impossible for some people but as it is a possibility I wanted to post it.
    Good luck and have a nice day.

  10. @artandloathing

    I have removed those sites.

  11. @criz666

    I have removed those sites.

  12. thank you so much, really appreciate! ;-)
    Have a good day!!!

  13. Happy to help.

  14. Good day,
    There's a disconnect from Jetpack service but this does not seem to do the trick, please remove/delete the following blocks.
    They were test sites for clients -don't need them.
    Thanking you in advance..

  15. @synapsefire

    There's a disconnect from Jetpack service but this does not seem to do the trick

    Can you please let me know specifically what is not working?

  16. @rootjosh

    WordPress > My Blogs > Disconnect Jetpack (below ADD NEW POST link)
    No matter if the the blogs are "Visible" or "Hidden" an error message reads, verbatim: This user is not authorized to disconnect this blog.


  17. Hmmmm,

    I know they have been working on the tool a bit. Can you give it another try?

  18. thanx

  19. remove from My as a broken like to it

  20. To everyone looking to delete unused jetpack sites, we now have a tool that allows you to do it yourself without any staff help. Here are the instructions:

  21. Having a problem when clicking "Disconnect Jetpack" just makes it disappear momentarily before reappearing within seconds.

    Can be removed from my account?

  22. @fuyutski @synapsefire) and @swingsetone I've just removed the linked blog(s) from your account. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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