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    I am very frustrated because I’ve been trying to remove the pages — or former posts — from underneath the header, so the top of the homepage can just be the title, the header photo and then go right into the first post. The list of all the former posts at the top is distracting, bulky, and just doesn’t look good. I tried to delete all my pages, and all that accomplished was deleting the pages that I have listed on the bottom of the homepage, where I actually want them, but nothing happened on the header. Please help. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Which blog are you referring to please? The one linked to your username is wearing the Solipsus theme and does not have a menu or a header. We need an active l;ink starting with http:// to the blog you are referring to so we can provide accurate answers to your questions.





    That’s the blog I refer to above:
    A black and brown two-column design with flowers, clouds and a sun.
    Tags: two-columns, fixed-width, dark, rtl-language-support, left-sidebar, sticky-post, translation-ready, artistic, dark, dreamy, grungy, whimsical, blog

    1. Note there is no custom header feature on this theme.
    2. There is no horizontal menu under the header coded into this theme.
    3. This theme, Solipsus, has seen an update in the form of a brand new theme, Dusk To Dawn. See for all the details.


    Solipsus is not my theme. My theme is “Chunk.” Is there no way to customize any theme to get rid of the menus underneath the header?

    Again the blog is I think you are confused about which blog you are looking at. Also, your answer is extremely confusing and unclear.


    Go to Appearance>Menus, click the + tab to create a new custom menu, give it a name, don’t add anything to it, click Save Menu, select that menu from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH! worked perfectly!!



    I’m so sorry I clicked the link to your username and was off on a tangent. I do apologize. It’s great to see that panaghiotisadam caught my error and helped you.

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