How to remove Meta and Pages sections?

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    I don’t need the Meta section and Pages section. I know e.g. Blogroll disappears when there are no logs. Pages still exists with the About Me page even if you don’t have any pages configured.
    How to remove those two sections?





    It’s not possible. gives no access to template files.



    Actually I don’t even see the Pages section on his blog. I had thought that that went away as well if you deleted the About Me page. (Which I guess you did.)

    The Meta section includes links to your RSS feeds. It’s kind of considered a good idea to point that out to visitors to your site. As Marc says though, we are currently unable to edit our templates and not able to remove those sections.



    I NEED to remove the useless links from the meta section, please, including
    # RSS
    # Comments RSS
    # Valid XHTML
    # XFN

    I do NOT use these, and they are simply invalid links.

    Surely there is a way, even if it isn’t easy or direct. Please help. Thanks much.



    Regulus doen’t display Meta unless you want to. Perhaps choose another theme? Oops – I see the original poster has deleted his blog.



    Oops – I see the original poster has deleted his blog.

    Probably not. I noticed the other day that someone’s blog was also “deleted” three minutes after they posted a thread here on this forum. But that person changed their blog title.

    And can’t you remove the Meta widget completely from your sidebar?



    Actually you can now by using Widgets and just not adding in the Meta Widget. Please noite that this thread is months old from when we didn’t have the widgets.

    leeese is actually in the wrong place as discussed in another thread. If he or she is still reading this though, all they have to do is edit the sidebar.php file of the theme in question and physiclly remove those links.

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