How to remove my picture in profile?

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    How can I remove “My Picture” in my profile without uploading a new picture?

    There’s no delete or remove picture option that I can find. There’s only a way to upload another picture to overwrite the old picture.




    Just upload a blank picture.



    The problem with that is if I upload a blank GIF image with all transparent background, it makes the image all black. Then if I upload a colored picture (such as white), then when I change my theme, it won’t match, etc.


    Yes all avatars containing transparent areas are rendered black.
    If you simply upload a white square of the correct dimensions then you will have no avatar at all – no colour match problem – white goes with everything.



    Why couldn’t they just provide an option to remove the photo rather than complicate matters?


    Just the way it is.

    You can download the blank white avatar and replace yours with it, or make your own as just a 128×128 pixel square of color.



    That is crazy… I have the same problem. I want to delete my picture. Why? Because when people subscribe to my feed (at least in NetVibes, which I use), my picture comes up next to every single post I wrote. That is kind of dumb, especially since the posts actually contain individual, post-specific photos, which do not show up. On my other blog, without a profile picture, the image that comes up is the one that goes with the post. That’s how it should be, no? Or is there some option I need to toggle to make this happen? Thanks!



    Your profile picture shouldn’t be showing your RSS feed as far as I can tell. Do you have the specific blog URL’s for us to compare since the link in your profile is not a blog.




    I think you may need to switch themes to one that doesn’t display the avatar on each post. Some do, some don’t.



    Thanks for the replies :)

    If you want to see what I’m talking add the following two feeds (my two blogs) to and compare how they are displayed. (blog = (blog =

    After adding the feeds to NetVibes, you see on the BuzzPal one the profile pic is displayed and on the chrisco one the image at the top of the individual blog post is displayed. So it must not be the theme. Because both blogs use the same theme. No?

    For BuzzPal I have a profile pic and for chrisco I don’t. That’s why I thought/think it’s got to do with the profile pic. That’s why I want to remove the profile pic, because I’m guessing that for some reason it is getting priority over the image with the individual post.

    If any programmers are reading this, shouldn’t it be the other way around? I.e. the code should say” IF blog post has an image (or images) in it ==> display the image (the one closest to the top of the post), ELSEIF the blog post does not have an image associated with it ==> display the profile pic, ELSEIF no images ==> display no image. Now that would be cool and that, to me, seems like how it should be coded. Thoughts? Anyway way anyone can get a WordPress programmer to check it out and maybe do a little tweaking?

    Cheers and hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve… and the hangover tomorrow isn’t too bad!

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