How to remove one of a couple self hosted sites that I did not renew my domain?

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    How do I remove a previously self hosted site that I have terminated, but is still listed with my active WP sites on my blog lists. It only gives me options to manage & customize, taking me to links that are no longer there or available since I deleted, while deciding not to renew that domain? I was able to remove my WP hosted domain, keeping my one & only active self hosted WP site, which I use connected to JetPack for stats etc. but the only other one, a that I was simply playing around with years ago, I cannot see any options to delete.

    Please let me know ASAP, or feel free to remove the listing yourself, of possible?!??

    Thank you in advance,

    W. Chris Ross

    Current Active Self Hosted Blog:

    Blog I want removed:


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    Staff can help–I’ve added a modlook tag to make them aware of your situation. If you subscribe to this thread, then you will be notified when someone responds.



    I’ve just removed the linked blog from your account. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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