How to remove page border from header?

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    Hello all,

    I’m trying to get left-side and right-side border around my page field but NOT around my header or page bar.

    I tried solving the problem by using a left-hand border around the content field, which works fine. But then I tried a right-hand border around the sidebar field, and the border was right up against the sidebar boxes, rather than set out to the furthest width of the page.

    Any help you can provide, either with limiting a page border or with pushing the right-hand sidebar border out, would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog please.



    Due to the fact that the post area doesn’t have a separate “container” the following is the only way I could figure to make the section of the border by they header disappear. It’s a convoluted way of doing it and I’m sure there is a better way, but it works.

    1. Add your right and left borders to #page.

    2. Change the width of #header to 802px and add margin-left: -1px; to it as well. If your borders in #page are wider than 1px, then increase 802 as needed.

    3. You will see that the border line goes up past the left side of the page tabs. In #pagebar, set the width to 801px and then set border-left: 0; .



    Ah, that worked perfectly! Clever work-around, thanks so much thesacredpath!


    You’re welcome. I’m sure if devblog comes through he will have a much more appropriate, and elegant solution.

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