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How to remove photo borders in twenty eleven?

  1. I'm using the normal version of twenty eleven and I would like to remove borders from my photos. How to?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no free way to do this. If you have CSS editing skills and are prepared to pay for an annually renewable custom design upgrade so you can do the CSS editing required the answer is "yes" you can remove them.
    Custom Design - Frequently Asked Questions


  3. "There is no free way to do this."
    There is, only it has to be done on an image by image basis.
    For non-captioned images, you switch the editor to "Text" (=code), and turn this:
    <img ETC ETC
    to this:
    <img style="border:none;padding:0;" ETC ETC

  4. i had a similar problem, and since i don't have the css upgrade, i was forced to find a free way to work around it. and there is!

    after you've added the photo to your post, just click on your photo (or right click) until the editing buttons appear on the upper left corner -- there are two: the landscape-looking picture and the red circle with slash button. click on the the landscape looking picture, and when the dialogue box appears, click on the advanced tab settings, scroll down until you see the "border" option and on the box (for the measurements), put in 0. as in a zero, then save!

    problem solved! =)

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