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    I purchased domain mapping a few days ago and redirected a previously purchased domain to the wordpress site. This has caused huge problems since. I have since deleted the domain mapped with worrdpress. However, althought, I changed the DNS settings for the domain (where it is registered), I still have not been able to remove the redirect to wordpress. Can support or anyone on the forum advise how this can be fixed so the domain no longer points to wordpress?

    With thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    However, althought, I changed the DNS settings for the domain (where it is registered),

    I believe you will need to contact Staff directly in order to sort this.
    Reference link > Site Redirect >



    Contact form’s closed until Monday. I already modlooked this thread.


    Hi managingteams,

    Was the domain mapping for

    I show the following for the name servers:

    I’m also able to visit that site without being redirecting to, so it’s likely just a cache issue.

    Can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies?

    To flush your dns cache:

    On a PC:
    – Go to Control Panel > Network Connections
    – Right click your connection and choose “Repair”
    There is an alternative way to do this detailed at: .

    On a Mac:
    – Close all browsers.
    – Go to Application > Utilities > Terminal
    – type:
    dscacheutil -flushcache



    ~~ airodyssey
    OOPS! I didn’t notice that. :(


    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for responding to my post. Fortunately, it has been sorted.

    Timethief and Airodessy -yes, support was closed for the weekend, so I was hoping that someone on the forum could have helped.

    Coffeemanmatt -thank you for you specific guidance on what could have been done. This will be helpful if I do have a cache problem, although this specific situation was not a cache issue.

    Fixing it involved further editing of DNS information, as the MX information was wrong. Also the domain had been left unlocked, so it had to be locked to prevent authorised changes.

    Yes, thankfully the problem has been fixed.




    Thanks for letting us know your issue has been resolved.

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