How to remove sidebar from posts in Triton Lite

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    I need to remove sidebar from posts(not pages) in Triton Lite. Please help! Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, add the following CSS at Appearance > Customize CSS (after removing all the informational text) and then in the “Content Width” field down below the CSS text area, enter 830.

    .single #sidebar {
        display: none;
    .single #posts, .single .post-wrap, .single #posts .post-content, .single #comments {
        width: 830px;

    The full-width posting area on single post pages will now be 830px in width. Any images or videos you happen to insert at full size will show 830px wide unless the image is less than 830px in width in which case, they will appear at the full image width.


    Thank you so much thesacredpath! On removing the sidebar, there will be extra empty space on the right. Can I centralize all the contents of the post? Can I have the title, photograph and the comments right at the center so I have equal amount of space on the left and the right of the post?


    The code I have above widens the content area to take up the space vacated by the sidebar. If your images in your posts are at least 830px in width, and they were inserted at full-size, then they will widen to the full width of 830px. If they are less than that width, they will appear at their actual full image width.


    Yes that’s correct. But I’d like to have the posts at 500px width and keep everything at the middle of the page. Will that be possible?


    Ah, I see. I jumped to the conclusion you wanted to widen the post area (most people do).

    Add the following which will make the single post pages 500px in width with no sidebar and the content centered.

    .single #sidebar {
        display: none
    .single .container {
    width: 500px

    Oops, one more thing, add this too to center the title area above the content.

    .single #logo {
        width: 500px;

    Perfect! Thank you so much thesacredpath:)


    You are welcome.


    Hi Team,

    I just removed the sidebar and center-aligned all the posts. The content width has been set to 830 px but the posts are showing as only 620 px wide. Can you please help me make it 830px?

    Also, I would like to remove the date in the content page(just below the post title) and delete the space between the post title and the photographs.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi there, it seems you have gotten this fixed with the following CSS:

    .single #posts, .single .post-wrap, .single #posts .post-content, .single #comments {
        width: 830px;

    The URLs on the images in the existing posts has a setting of 620px in width. To have them use the full width, open the posts, delete the image and then reinsert it at full-width. Any images that are at least 830px wide (landscape orientation) will then come in at 830px wide.


    Hi thesacredpath, thanks for your response. The images that I uploaded are actually 830 px wide but are showing as 620px. Can you please look into it?


    When I click on ‘preview’ is see the images 830px wide but after clicking ‘save’ the images go back to 620px. Please help!


    Got it resolved! Finally! Inserted 830 px in the ‘Content’ field under Appearance–>Customize.



    We’re glad to hear it, @udaynarayanan ! Cheers :)

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