how to remove some photos from my gallery of header photos

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    hi, i am new to this. i have four pictures i have uploaded as options for my header photos. how can i remove a few of them/? I would like to narrow it down to the good ones so that I can put the setting on random and it will rotate through. but I can’t figure it out… help, please!:)

    The blog I need help with is


    There are several ways to remove photos. One is to go to your dashboard and click on “media” in the sidebar menu.

    A list of all of your photos will appear. Check the ones you want to delete, then choose “delete permanently” from the dropdown menu above the list of photos. Hit “apply,” and voilĂ  – pictures deleted.


    I do the same thing with headers, setting them to random.

    As an additional hint- To get your header photos to show up as a group in the Media Library, click on “Attached to” shown above the list of photos. This will bring all the Unattached photos to the top.

    Unattached photos are the ones used in headers and in widgets, rather than being attached to any post.

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