How to remove ">" symbol prepended to my post title and post entry?

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    I imported my blog from blogger. Now I have “>” prepended to my post title and beginning of post entry. how do i remove them? I dont want to remove them manually for each post. I have already checked the auto correct xhtml in settings -> writing.
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    That shouldn’t happen. The easiest way to fix that is to probably completely empty the blog out and try re-importing with the Blogger file method. Can you create a backup file to use for your import? And, if we empty the blog for you to start over, all of the current data and media in the blog will be completely deleted. Is that okay?



    i deleted the blog myself and imported under another blog name. but i still see the same symbol. You can empty the blog. I have a backup. But how do i get rid of this symbol “>” for future imports?

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