How to remove tags?

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    Hello folks,

    I have a problem regarding the tags sections as I want to hide the tags as it is looking nasty at the end of the article. My theme is “motion”

    Here is ma blog…..

    The blog I need help with is



    There is only one theme that has the free feature of being able to “hide” tags an categories from displaying and it is iNove. If you wish to “hide” tags in any other theme then do know what’s required is CSS editing experience, and annually renewable paid CSS upgrade, and doing the work yourself. has provided a preview mode here >. Appearance > Edit CSS so you can try before you buy.


    To hide tags in any theme for free there are at least two files you must manipulate within your chosen theme.

    index.php (home page)
    single.php (blog or posts)

    1. Open the index.php and the single.php in any text editor and locate this string of tags:

    <?php if(function_exists(“the_tags”)) : ?><?php the_tags(‘Tags: ‘) ?><?php endif; ?>

    2. Enclose this string of tags within php comments;

    <?php /*?><?php if(function_exists(“the_tags”)) : ?><?php the_tags(‘Tags: ‘) ?><?php endif; ?><?php */?>

    3. Save the file and replace the old one.

    Doing it this way preserves the original data, but does not allow the tags to be viewed.

    I hope this helps. I worked like magic for me.



    This is the support forum that’s only for those with free blog being free hosted by wordpress>COM. What you have posted has ZERO application to our blogs here and may give rise to confusion as it applies to wordpress >ORG installs.

    Please read this carefully and provide support over at rather than attempting to provide it here. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation. > vs. The Differences

    Please ignore what 3rdgengraphix posted as we cannot access those file and what has been posted has no application to your free hosted blog.


    @3rdgengraphix : You confused me for a while .

    @ timethief : Jazakallah (Thank You)

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