How to remove tags?

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    How do I remove a tag I don’t need anymore? Thank you



    You need to edit your post and delete the tag in the space beneath your editor. You can do that by going to Dashboard > Manage > Posts and selecting your post. If you want to remove a category as well, you can do that in Dashboard > Manage > Categories and deleting your categories there.


    That appears to delete the tag from the post, only. The tag remains in the tag cloud, although it’s not used. Is it possible to delete tags which are not used anymore?


    Widgets in the sidebar are cached and it may take up to a few hours for it to update, but assuming there is not another post on your blog with that tag, it will go away when the files update.


    It did, thanks for the explanation!


    You are welcome and happy blogging.




    I converted six categories into tags, but now they are not visible in the blog. I didn’t understand well about tags, so now I am in trouble.

    How can I convert the tags into categories now?

    I will appreciate very much if somone can assist me.

    Thanks you!



    If I were you, I would start over and do it by hand, adding in categories for each post you did. I know how categories work, but I don’t see any advantage whatsoever to using tags, and there are some known glitches with them, so if I were you I’d stick to categories.



    Dear Raincoaster,

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I did go through all the posts and listed them again by adding new categories. It was my stupitidy to convert them to tags, without understanding what I was doing.

    Now I am having some problems to rename categories, such us putting numbers in them, which I had done before I convert them to tags, but for some reason wouldn’t do it now.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for your time.



    You’re welcome. If you’re trying to put the numbers up front, maybe try to put them on the end of the word instead. Sorry I can’t be of more help.



    When I click to update it says “Category not updated”, while I used to do that easily before I convert the categories to tags. Thanks anyway.

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