How to remove the blog look?

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    Is there any way to remove the “blog” appearance of wordpress? I ask because I am interested in using it to run a small commercial website, so I don’t want those blog tags (“blogroll”, “archives”, categories” etc) at all.

    Instead I’d like to use wordpress with a nice, clean sidebar that has custom pages (Our Mission, Products, Contact Us, etc) with all “posts” on the main page directing to a page somewhere else in the site. If this sounds complex just think of a webstore that has some special items on the main page that link to various product categories. (However the products sequentially drop off the page just like a normal blog main page) That’s what I want. Any ideas for acheiving this?



    You trying to make a buck?



    You can’t achieve this at You probably want to be asking at, which is where the support forum for other WordPress blogs is. What you’re proposing is against our Terms of Service here.



    raincoaster –
    What is ashand proposing that is against Terms of Service? I can’t find anything in the TOS that seems to apply.


    My thing is blogs are where it’s at. Why would you want to make something look like a static web page when everything indicates transition into interactive blog type web applications.



    Ain’t it forbidden to use a wordpress blog with a commercial purpose?



    It is forbidden to commercialize a blog. Webstores? Offers for sale? You’d get vaporized instantly.

    The basic thinking is, if you want to do business, start by doing business: with a web host.



    @ ashand
    The ToS clearly states that a blog cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites (the 5th bullet under section 2).

    … unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites …

    The FAQs makes it clear that we cannot advertize on blogs The forum search box reveals that those conducting business transactions on blogs and set up “stores” will result in blog suspension/deletion.

    Like raincoaster advises, if you want a commercial blog, you can (1) hire a web host or (2) you can self host on your own server a free template downloaded from but you cannot commercialize a blog, hosted by

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