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how to remove the duplicate image from my triton lite theme?

  1. Im using Triton Lite and I seem to have two pictures showing on my home page. one greyed out with a date, the second replica underneath it which is sharper but static. its the greyed version of the photo that allows one to click into the blog. anyway I dont want both to appear.
    Blog url:

    Triton Lite - Featured Post Slider: 950 pixels wide by 270 pixels tall; posts must be Sticky and have a featured thumbnail assigned to them in order to show up in the slider.

  3. So what's happened on your blog is you have not only set a featured image, but you have also inserted the image into the post without any text above it. If you want to have the image as a featured image, and also have it in the post, then you have to have some text above the image and then duplicateimages will not show up on the front page.

  4. ah ...ok. thank you...I will now try to work that out...

  5. You're welcome.

  6. ok...Im really struggling with this. I changed the picture in Lupins, set the main one as a featured image and wrote some text above the image in the post ... and yet on the home page there is still a duplicate image of the featured image. I know is me, but I just cant work out the small thing I must be missing.

  7. The magic of Triton Lite is that you don't have to set a featured image yourself. The theme will pull in the first image in any post as the featured image.

  8. What this does is allow you to:

    1. not have to worry about setting a featured image for each post.
    2. select a different featured image instead of the first photo in the post.
    3. select a featured image that will appear only on the front page of your site, but not appear in your post, in case the post is text only.

    If you want to see what I mean, you are welcome to view my photography site, Random Acts

  9. Underlining in a list item breaks the code? Great formatting! LOL

  10. It's because you used ul instead of u. ;)

    All fixed now. :)

  11. Doh! LOL

    Thanks J. Obviously not sufficiently caffeinated at the time. :)

  12. But which also brings up another request for a forum Preview button. "Check Spelling" is nice, but ... :)

  13. You're welcome! I think a preview feature is on the lengthy to-do list.

  14. i am having the same issue as the original poster, who i notice is no longer active, perhaps out of the same frustration as i am encountering.

    no fix on this page fixed it. Am also wondering if i can eliminate that HORRID ALL CAPS on the first, non-static image (the second image is static)

    any other ideas?

  15. sorry, it dropped the link! Whatsupwith that?

  16. @mnashp
    What's posted above by me and justjennifer without doubt does work. I have tested this repeatedly and can say that with full confidence.

  17. the bit about inserting text above the picture? Or am i missing something?

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