How to remove the header of a category page and to edit Soundcheck hero slider?

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    I am using the Soundcheck theme in my website and I have the custom CSS upgrade purchased.

    The first thing I need help with is removing the header of a page that is showing posts of a certain category. link to the page:

    It reads “CATEGORY: BLOG” on the top of the page and I need to either remove the text completely (and the gray bar behind it) or change the text to be only “Blog”. With what kind of CSS code can I accomplish this?

    The next thing is that if possible, I would like to change the default hero slider buttons to something like this theme has

    Is it possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    This should do it for you on the category: blog page.

    .category #content #page-header {
        display: none;

    One other thing, you are not allowed to remove the footer theme and credits at Doing so may result in your site being suspended.

    There isn’t anyway to change the slider to look like the one in forever. That would require hacking of the theme php script files, and we cannot do that here at


    how do I get the twitter logo up near the top not just on the bottom?


    @camcallsthegame, that is a different topic, so could you please start a new thread on that in the CSS forum to prevent possible confusion for people coming to this thread in the future?



    You could swap out the hero slider buttons in Soundcheck with a little work. That theme uses a technique called CSS sprites and has one image for all of its buttons:

    If you wanted to duplicate the button hover effect in the exact same way, you would need your own image (it could just contain two) and the copy the relevant CSS from the original CSS stylesheet (linked on your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page) and replace the url() and background-position values accordingly. More on CSS sprites:

    Probably a bit more work than it’s worth. Another alternative would be to swap out the images with different simple images. Here is an example so you can try it if you’d like:

    #hero .controls .prev,
    #hero .controls .prev:hover {
    	background-image: url(;
    	background-position: center center;
    #hero .controls .next,
    #hero .controls .next:hover {
    	background-image: url(;
    	background-position: center center;

    You would want to update the url() values with your own images.

    Changing the way the slider itself works, cannot be done with CSS only (as thesacredpath has mentioned).

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