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how to remove the recent/more articles using wordpress.COM Oxygen theme

  1. I don't know how to remove the "recent articles" and "more articles" thingy in the wordpress.COM version of Oxygen theme. I'm aware there's accurate information on how to solve this same problem when using the wordpress.ORG version of the theme... but I can't do that from the .COM version, can I??? If so, how?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why do you think this is a "problem"? The slider can display up to 6 posts, so you shouldn't mark more than 6 posts as stickies, and your recent non-sticky posts should show in the "recent articles" and "more articles" sections.

  3. Maybe i didn't make myself clear. It is a problem for ME because i don't want to show posts in the front page aside from those that are already displayed in the slider... any suggestions?

  4. The version of Oxygen is designed to display up to 6 sticky posts in the slider, the latest three non-sticky posts in the "recent articles" section, and a further group of recent posts in the "more articles" section (their number is set in Settings > Reading). You can't remove these two sections except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.

  5. Alright, that was helpful. Thanks, buddy!!!

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