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How to remove Theme information at the bottom of your blog

  1. How do I remove the text which states which wordpress theme I am using located at the very bottom of my wordpress site ?

  2. It is against the terms of service to remove the footer credits and it can get your site suspended if you do.

  3. Okay, thank you! I guess there isn't anyway that I can make it smaller or perhaps change the font colour? Just so that it is not as visible...

  4. The last blog that changed the color got their keyboard whacked by the staff.

  5. PS - if you really don't like it get your own host and a WordPress.ORG install. You are being give a FREE blog here that small add for the credits is one of the ways WordPress.COM gets a small amount of credit.

  6. Okay, thank you! I guess there isn't anyway that I can make it smaller or perhaps change the font colour? Just so that it is not as visible...

  7. Changing the color is a tricky thing. The color can be changed, but if you get too subtle, staff can view that as the same as hiding it which can get you the same thing as hiding it.

  8. Changing the font color so it disappears into the background like your have done is not allowed. Making it smaller is simply splitting hairs. You need to display all of the footer links on your free hosted blog if you do not want your blog to be suspended.

  9. May I remove the ‘Blog at’ credit in my site’s footer?
    Although the Custom Design Upgrade certainly grants you the capability to hide the credit from your site’s footer, you are not permitted to do so. Even our VIP bloggers are required to maintain the credit.


  10. Okay, great! Thank you for the info!
    It is not entirely FREE... As you are paying for CSS along with a domain name. But I understand the 'terms of use'.

  11. 1. No one is compelled to pay for any upgrade.
    2. Every upgrade is for one blog only and for one year.
    3. Every upgrade is specific to only certain functions which are clearly stated support documentation and available for reading prior to making the decision to purchase.

  12. The footer links are still not visible on your blog.

  13. I totally understand. Thank you for letting me know. Just working on updating my site so that it is visible!

  14. @bumbletee, do you still need any help with your footer credits or are you happy with how they are looking now?

  15. Hi, thank you for asking!

    I'm actually a little confused as to whether or not I should be using rather than Just doing a bit of research... and if I am looking to have an online shopping cart featured on my site is it correct that I should be using to do so?

  16. That's correct; if you want a full-featured shopping cart, at least for that portion of the site, you'll need a self-hosted WordPress site. You can use PayPal donation buttons on, but that's about the extent of what you can do as far as eCommerce goes.

    More info on PayPal and

  17. Also, for vs., you can read this, if you haven't already:

  18. how do you add your own disclaimer at the bottom stating this website is created for university puposed only?

  19. It looks like you have already added the disclaimer as a text widget - if you have the CSS upgrade you can move the disclaimer around on the page.

  20. @1220: You already have a text widget in the bottom widget area for that aspect. That's the best you can do I believe.

  21. hey thanks for your reply i just figured it out :)

  22. @1220 - Looks like a "real" hotel - if I were you and this is for a class assignment then I would add an About Page at the top with a short disclaimer to the effect that this site is for a university class and the hotel is not for real. I would leave the disclaimer you already have but add the About Page at the top.

  23. hey thanks heaps for your feedback , im on to it!... im really struggling with this class! lol

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