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How to remove this spacing

  1. Guys,

    I have this problem i can't figure out it's driving me crazy. between the .entry .post and .postmetadata is unexplainable spacing. How do I remove this ?

    An example can be found here (just made it clear with colors):


    As you can see, under and above the red box (which is post contents) is a blank space i can't seem to remove. I did not define any margins or padding or whatsoever. I've read some question by google but can't find the answer

    Help is appreciated :) thnx

  2. - Always read a stickly labeled Please Read Me First Before Posting Else I Owe the Forum Volunteers a Round of Starbucks.

    - Head over to as that;s the support site for the software. These forums are for those blogs hosted here at as we're running different software than you are.

    Good luck,

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