How to remove time.png image

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    I am wondering how do you remove the time.png image from every new post and the comments image and “closed” text so all it says is Published by admin on January 19, 2008 in Area 1.


    Those are static images that are part of the theme you’ve chosen (Contempt) and you can’t change them on

    If you purchase the CSS upgrade you may be able to make changes to your theme, however I’ll let a CSS expert advise you on that!

    You could also try out some other themes. Not all of them have those images.



    I am using the K2 theme on my .net website not running it off
    Is there a way to take it off completely without hacking too much of the code ?



    Maybe, but we wouldn’t know. This is the support forum for blogs only. For other WP blogs, you have to ask at


    *pulling hair out*

    It’s like going to the grocery store for cell phone service.

    Why, what’s the point? You’re in the wrong place!

    Read the sign at the front of the store!

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