How to remove twitter cards?

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    Is it possible to remove twitter cards? And how?

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t know what you means by Twitter “cards”?
    To remove Twitter sharing buttons from appearing below your posts/pages see here > Settings > Sharing

    If you mean a Twitter Widget then it can be removed here > Appearance > Widgets

    To get support on your own language you can post to:
    Nederlands (Dutch):



    I mean the preview that is shown when I post a blog to Twitter (

    I want to remove it or, at least, change it (from full image to summary).



    Are you asking how your blog appears on Twitter, or are you trying to incorporate Twitter on your blog?

    You can submit a site with a custom domain to Twitter to enable the use of Twitter Cards, as you have linked, and display them on your site through an embed explained here

    Twitter Cards themselves are not our product, so we cannot assist you with modifying or removing them from Twitter.



    Neither! It is a question about the preview of a WordPress blog in Twitter. I want to change the way a blog is previewed in Twitter. blog owners have to change this in their own setting, I want to know if and how I, having a blog, can change it.


    Member blogs should work with Twitter Cards by default; if not, you can paste in your blog post into the validator at and that will show you how the Twitter Card will appear.

    I found this discussion on the Twitter dev support site, which may help:

    Beyond that, you do not have access to modifying your metatags on so unless Twitter allows you to modify things on their end, you will not be able to do so here.

    I hope this answers your question.



    Yes, thanks.

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