how to remove underline from sidebar menu items

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    if you take a look at my blog, you will see that the sidebar menu is difficult to read. I would like to remove the underlines … is that possible?


    The blog I need help with is



    Without a link to your blog nobody can really look at it. We need a link to the blog you are asking about to give you accurate advice.



    You cannot alter any theme or template here at We cannot edit themes or templates as this is a multiuser blogging platform and all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template. Only Staff can access those files and edit as every edit affects all blogs wearing the same theme. CSS editing which will allow you to change appearance only and not functionally is available only if you purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade.



    Will you also please consider linking your username to your blog? It’s very easy to do. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.

    Then every time you sign into the forum we can all click on your username and your blog will be linked to it. And every time you leave a comment on a blog your username can be likewise clicked and your blog can be instantly located.




    Like timethief answered, the only way to remove the underline from links in the sidebar in NotesIL theme is Custom Design Upgrade. Once you upgrade your blog, you can copy and paste the following snippets to the CSS tab. (Appearance → Custom Design)

    div.sidebar ul li a {
    text-decoration: none;

    I hope it helps.

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