how to remove unused bog from my dashboard

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    can u guide me how to remove it? or can u do it for me? btway is no more exist.. plssss

    The blog I need help with is



    Delete the blog, beside that there’s no other option to do so.

    Settings => Delete Blog



    I can’t even load the page in FF but if this is not a wordpress.COM blog then you’re in the wrong forum.


    Actually if you had been using the blog stats plugin from here at and that is the blog you want to remove, then you will have to contact support directly and request they remove it. There is currently no way that the blogger can remove it.



    Provided this is a WordPress.COM bog, as I also can’t load the page, if you delete the bog, you can never get it back again. Better to set it to “Private” if you think you will some day start bogging there again. Yes, it will still show up in your WordPress.COM dashboard.

    If the bog is a group bog and you have stopped bogging, then ask the Admin of the group bog to remove you. If there is no Admin, then contact Support.

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