How to remove View Full Size and Reblog from individual photos in a gallery?

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    I started to add a tiled mosaic gallery page to my site
    When I click on an individual photo it shows dialog to “Reblog” and
    “View Full Size”
    How can I disable this? I want to show the photo with no additional options.

    The blog I need help with is



    Can anyone help me with this?

    If I can’t find a solution I may have to leave WordPress or at the very least switch to a template (if there is such a thing) where I don’t have “reblog” and “view full size” next to my images.



    How can I disable this?

    As I mentioned, it might be possible to suppress their display with the Custom Design upgrade and by using CSS. The links to reblog and view full size are not theme dependent.

    I’ll ask to have this moved to the CSS forum.



    Ok thanks justjennifer. I guess I can’t change the forum myself?
    I saw that you reblogged a photo so evidently Reblog is active.

    Before I get the Custom Design upgrade I want to make sure that suppressing these displays is possible.



    Hey Cathy!

    Unfortunately, the “Reblog” and “View Full Size” links cannot be disabled in gallery slideshows. However, JenT is right in saying that they can be prevented from appearing with CSS via the Custom Design upgrade.

    The upgrade costs $30 a year and gives you many tools to easily style your blog.

    Let me know if you need further help with the CSS should you go through with the upgrade. Cheers!

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