How to remove "You May Use These HTML tags & attributes"

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    We are just setting up a blog and I’m having trouble trying to get rid of the “You May Use These HTML tags & attributes” line that is appearing under my “REPLY” boxes. I’ve read that you have to change the style worksheet by adding { display: none; } to the code?? I’m using Pilcrow and I’m not a coder, but I’ve opened the worksheet (it opens in notepad) – there’s tons of code but I don’t know exactly where to put { display: none; }. I tried adding it to the end and it just saved the worksheet and gave it a new name, but nothing changed. Am I not doing this right – or is there any easier way?? I just don’t want my viewers seeing this. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Since your username is not linked to your blog, please always provide a link to the blog that you are talking about since in most cases we need to be able to see it to be able to help.

    Add this to the CSS edit window.

    .form-allowed-tags {
    display: none;


    Sorry, like I said I’m a newbie – thanks for the tip. I hope this helps.

    So you’re saying that I should just add that code to the end of the existing CSS? I noticed that it says you “cannot” edit a themes CSS – and that any custom CSS will overlay the themes’ CSS. So am I to make the change, cut and paste the whole CSS into the editor (with my changes) and make it seem as if it’s a custom one?



    You want to add the changes, don’t cut and past anything. WordPress.COM scans the base CSS file then scans your changes and your changes will override the original CSS file.



    I am trying to find <?php comments_template(); ?> to remove the Reply area at the bottom of each page. But, I can’t find the “template file to do this.” I’ve searched and searched instructions on themes, templates and changing CSS (which I don’t want to have to learn!)

    I’ve gone into “Themes” and looked at the html TwentyTen theme I am using but nowhere in that huge sheet of code is there a <?php comments_template(); ?> to remove!

    Am I in the wrong area to remove that Reply field? I just don’t want it anywhere but on the Blog Page of my website (

    Can anyone help? I’m a total newbie!


    We cannot edit the underlying theem PHP script files here at wordpress.COM because this is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. Any change by one person would change it for everyone using that theme.

    And why do it through PHP? That is like using a hammer to adjust the time on your watch. You can turn commenting off on a post by post and page by page basis in the discussion module in the post and page editor and the leave a reply stuff goes away.

    To turn off commenting for all future pages and posts go to setting > discussion and disable comments and trackbacks.

    The other way is to hide it through the CSS (but that would just hide the form and comments, not disable them. There is a difference.


    Do note that if you go searching around on the internet for solutions like this, what you are typically getting is solutions for self-hosted blogs, and there is a big difference between self-hosted blogs and blogs hosted here at wordpress.COM.



    This is the main page for comments and all wordpress blog have the default setting to open comments so go here and make the required changes > Settings > Discussion
    reference link:
    As TSP has said we can also overirde default setting and enable or disable comments on individual pages and posts
    reference link:

    This entry will help you with image alignment on the page you have titled Gallery. When you have multiple images the way to go it to upload and align the first image to the left. Then upload the other images and click them in the Visual editor. When the Mountain icon appears click it and set the image alignment to “none”. Then click “update”.



    Does anyone know if ‘display:none;’ influences Google rankings negatively?

    I have used it to hide one or two elements in my blog, but now I’m wondering whether that’s wise.

    [My blog is at]


    Not it does not. The stuff is still there in the source code for search engines to see, but it simply is not displayed to the visitors.

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