How to rename uploaded files

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    Sometimes, I think it would be advantageous to be able delete a previously uploaded file, then reupload that same file with the same name and have the same URL., however, will automatically rename the new file, adding a number to its name. For example, deleting example-image.jpg and then reuploading it will cause it to be renamed as example-image1.jpg. Deleting that image and reuploading it will cause it to be renamed as example-image2.jpg, and so on. This is problematic because it causes broken links, and can be a pain to fix if the file is linked to in multiple locations. As far as I can tell, it occurs with all files: images, PDFs, audio files, and any other file type allowed on

    According to designsimply, you won’t ever be able to upload a new file with the same URL on

    But, according to Jane Wells, you can change the file URL when you upload a file.

    So who’s right? (Please let it be Jane Wells!) If you can change a file’s URL when you upload it, how do you do it?



    You cannot rename uploaded files. designsimply is correct.


    You can rename the new file BEFORE uploading it.



    but the link would still be broken

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