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how to renew expired domain

  1. We recently discovered that our domain has expired. The person monitoring the specified email hadn't checked it recently and no one had logged in. I now have a valid credit card to use, but can't find a link to renew. The contact support links only send me to pages that don't help. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to be logged in as the EXACT account / user that owns the upgrade to renew it.

    Is there another account that might have purchased the domain name?

    Depending on how long the domain name has been expired you might need staff help to renew it, I have flagged this for the staff to help just in case

  3. The site was first set up by another person. When she found she didn't have time to work with the site, she gave me full administrative privileges, but the email on the domain registration was still hers. It was a special account set up just for this site and she hasn't been checking it. The credit card used belonged to a third person, who has since moved away and is no longer involved. The organization's treasurer has given me her credit card info, with permission to use it for this site. I uploaded some photos about a month ago and didn't notice any messages in the dashboard. We didn't know about the problem until someone called my friend and told her the site wasn't working. I need to change the contact email to something I monitor, or help my friend set up forwarding to her main email account, but first I need to get the domains renewed, and there is no button in My Upgrades to do that.

  4. It is the account that originally purchased the domain name upgrade that is important. That account is the only one that can renew the upgrade, they can transfer the upgrade to your account and then you can renew the upgrade.

    Can you contact the person that has the account that bought the domain name upgrade to have them transfer the upgrade to you? They can log in here with the account that owns the domain name upgrade and ask for the staff to transfer the domain name to you - note - please have them use small very clear words to help the staff get things right the first time and not need to ask for clarification

    The domain name registration upgrade is the difficult one to deal with as there are very serious internet anti-fraud measures in place to prevent stealing of a domain name - all the other upgrades can be finessed a bit

  5. Thank you for the clarification! As I reread your first post, I started wondering if that was the problem, so I called my friend. No one was home, so I left a message. I could try calling her cell phone number, but she wouldn't be close to her computer anyway. There is a great deal going on in her personal life right now, and this is a terrible time to be dealing with websites, but I'll do what I can. I think we're at the end of the grace period already, so it's going to be iffy. At least I know what needs to be done now. Thank you!

  6. You be welcome & good luck

    I have made a suggestion in the past to allow others to "gift" a renewal for an upgrade on a blog without changing the upgrade owner, some have liked the idea, others have not, I think it is a good idea now that there are now many multi-user blogs and people are sharing expenses

  7. I decided to call my friend's cell phone, and it's a good thing. She was out of town and wouldn't be home for several hours, and I have plans this evening. She gave me her WordPress login info; I logged in as her and was able to renew the domain with no problems. Whew!! Now to get things set up so this doesn't happen again. The site is for a non-profit organization that doesn't have a credit card, so we'll have to figure out the best way to set things up first. Thanks for your help!

  8. I love it when a plan comes together

    You be welcome & good luck

    I have removed the modlook / flag for the staff since you have renewed the domain registration

    Did you also renew the domain mapping? You need the domain name and the mapping to keep the site working correctly

  9. Yes, I was just lumping everything together, since both are needed.

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