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how to reorganise posting lists

  1. glensbirdonawire

    can i umbrella a large group of posts under one title after thay have been created? I have labelled them all with the title, as well as what i want to be their subtitles, but they need to be placed under the main title somehow, and concertenad down/hidden if possible..i am talking about the listings on the right of the posts....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be specific in whatever you're asking. Are you talking about Category/Sub-category?

  3. glensbirdonawire

    Yes I have a long list of categories and I want to move most of them under one heading .........

  4. It depends upon the themes to show sub-categories. Some themes show sub-category also as category in the category list.
    However, To assign a category as subcategory as
    Go to Category > All categories > Edit category you want to assign as Sub-category > "Parent" whichever category you want to assign as parent category to make some sub-categories under it. Update now

  5. glensbirdonawire

    thank you but it doesn't seem to be working with this theme.....i really want to have all the relevant categories grouped on the right hand side of the front page of blog, UNDER the heading so that it becomes the parent for all of them but i can't seem to achieve this. Thank you for trying to help, i may need to leave it as is, or try to set up the blog again later......

  6. I think there should be some themes who show sub-categories under their parent category. Sorry I don't have any idea about it. Some senior member may come to help you further, so wait and see.

  7. All themes can display subcategories. You go to Appearance > Widgets, open the Categories widget, tick Show Hierarchy, Save.

  8. Thanks Justpi. I was too new to understand this Hierarchy.

  9. glensbirdonawire

    thank you so much! that helps a is there an easy way to transfer subcategories to the main category?
    many thanks!

  10. What does "transfer subcategories to the main category" mean? Use examples from your blog to clarify.

  11. I think you're talking about to convert sub-categories to non-parental categories?

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