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How to reply to all comments

  1. If I receive numerous comments from a specific post and I want to reply to all of them, rather than one person at a time, would I just click on the last person to comment, and type a reply as follows:

    1. Hello X, thanks for stopping by

    2. Hi Y, I'm glad you liked my post

    etc. etc.

    I always reply one at a time out of courtesy, but thinking ahead if I get more than 10 comments or so.

    Is this what other bloggers would do when they don't want to reply one by one?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you don't want to use threaded comment (ie, where you would individually click the 'reply' link of each comment you want to respond to), then the best thing to do is to post a new comment after each batch of comments - or all of them if you don't get too many - and respond in that, preferably using the screen name of each commenter.

    However, if you do have threaded comments and can face still responding to each person, you should know that the admin strip at the top of each window here on will instantly show that person that you've responded to their comment - but only if you use the threaded comment function.

    Whatever you do, don't reply within anyone's comment because if you do that they won't be able to receive notification of your reply by email or by RSS feed.

  3. Thanks for bringing the last sentence up, makes sense. Thank you

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