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How to report a blog site?

  1. How do go about reporting a blog site, and what information is needed...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here is a Support article about how to report a blog as spam or as mature:

    And an article specifically about mature content:

  3. I Ned to report a blog that is posting slender, lies etc. how do I go on doing that do you have a article that state what type of blogs persons can or can not have, cause what I read daily on that post is ridicules, this is my first step in getting is issue dealt with.

  4. Have you looked at this?

  5. Generally speaking, it's not illegal to make fun of people. And the staff here are very much in favour of free speech.

    If the issue is defamation or slander, then you will have to take action in a court of law. If the issue is hate speech, then the blog will be removed.

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