How to reset restore original template homepage

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    I am new to WordPress. I uploaded the template I wanted to use from my computer. I somehow deleted or replaced original widget / menu bars / images that was in original template. I have no idea how to change the template back to the original settings. I tried both deleting, reinstalling and replacing the template but the settings and modified text remain. How can I make my site go back as if I never modified anything?



    You have failed to post an active link starting with http:// for the blog in question and we cannot provide an accurate answer until you do that. Will you post it now please?

    I also recommend reading this entry as you may be posting to the wrong support forum. This forum is only for those who have free blogs from and being free hosted by WordPress.COM. We do not have FTP access cannot add themes at WordPress.COM, we are limited to the themes found in the dashboard under Appearance > Themes. Themes found on the internet are for self-hosted WordPress blogs using the software from WordPress.ORG.
    If you are asking about a WordPress.ORG install then you must post to http://WordPress.ORG/support/

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