How to resize several images at once for gallery

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    I’ve seen several programs to resize multiple images at once before inserting them into a gallery, however, what would I do when I have some photos that are smaller/larger than 800×600 (after I’ve already resized them)? Example: 800×533, 800×393.

    When I view the gallery in my post, some are shorter than others, and some are portrait vs landscape.

    I would appreciate some guidance (and your opinion on an easy program to use).


    The blog I need help with is


    when you upload a picture before you have to change the size of stored images as you want, either medium or small size of the original size … if you want the same ukaran should you choose to activate a medium-size or small …
    hopefully help…



    I’m not sure what “ukaran” is? I also wanted to know how to put portrait and landscape images into a gallery. Is it ok to have one picture viewing as longer than the others. I know there isn’t much choice since the picture was taken in that orientation, but want to know if there is something I’m not aware of.

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