How to resolve text widget problem?

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    I am trying to paste HTML code into text widget but it won’t let me and everything on the widget page disappears when I try pasting onto text field. I am using iPad 2 running IOS 8.3.

    The blog I need help with is



    It might be because the code you are trying to paste is not allowed. For example embed and iframe are not permitted.
    See this page for full details of what is allowed and what is not:


    thank you for your reply, bluegirl12. I am trying to copy the code from the Blogging 101 blog for the button to go onto my site. I don’t even know if I’m copying it correctly as it is very long.

    Surely that code would be allowed as I should think all the people doing this course would be .com



    Hmm that seems odd – I’d agree that if the code has come from Blogging 101 it shouldn’t have anything that’s disallowed.
    Are you able to give it another try on a laptop or desktop computer rather than the iPad? Perhaps there is a glitch in the iPad app.

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