How to restore blog look when the appearance has changed without my changing it?

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    Without my doing anything my blog suddenly has the original Koi background superimposed on top of my customized background. How do I get rid of the Koi background and return to just the customized background I chose?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    To remove any cusom image background you uploaded go here > Appearance > Background and click “Remove Background Image”
    To remove any colored background you selected click the “clear” link on the color selector.
    Then click “save changes”.



    Hmmmm … If you have uploaded a custom image background or set a color background that ought to override the background provided by the theme. If it doesn’t then it’s possible that Themes Staff are improving the Koi theme. I’ll flag this thread and have it moved to the Themes Forum. There Themes Staff can respond to this thread.



    Improving? Hardly. Same thing happened to my site today. A design feature from the original background began displaying superimposed over the background which I created and have been using for over a year (with periodic modifications).

    This also reminds me of a related issue. The superimposing includes a portion near the bottom of page one which has displayed with a white background (not the default background) when using all Firefox versions after 3.6. This was one of the reasons I stuck with 3.6 for years, nearly three years I think.



    That second issue, background being cut off about 80% of the way down page one with recent versions of FF, was never resolved. I reported it at least twice:

    1. On 10/31/11 I said (in part)”

    “Several days ago I noticed that the background of my site Songbook was getting cut off near the bottom of the page. The background turns white at the cut-off point. As far as I know, this error has affected only the first page.”

    This became WordPress support thread #992523 when was responded to by Robert on 11/3/11, who was unable to resolve the issue..

    2. On 12.2/11 (2 December 2011) I started a public support thread on the same issue:

    Again, it was not resolved, and barely addressed at all.




    Hi there,

    We recently made some enhancements to the Koi theme, which accidentally led to the issue you’ve reported. It’s all fixed now! Sorry for all the trouble.

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