How to retrieve the current link of my post?

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    Hi there!

    Szenario: I want to offer my blog in serveral languages, and I want to offer this as a realtime service either within the post or as a widget.

    Well, there is a pretty good solution by using google translate. By sending the page to google, the ready is able to translate the piece in almost every language.

    BUT: Google translate needs the current link of the post to translate the text
    e.g. √úbersetzen lassen

    So, how can I find out the link of the current post or is there an variable which embeds the post’s link after posting?

    Clear enough?
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    Right after you publish the post you’d see a yellow highlighted warning that says “Post published. View post” and “View post” will be linked to your post permalink. That URL would direct Google Translate directly to your post.

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